How Do You Get a 2012 Form 1099-MISC?


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You can obtain a 2012 1099-MISC form by accessing the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, IRS.gov. Choose the Forms and Pubs tab, and select Prior Years. Click on Find All Current Forms and Pubs, input "1099" in the Find box, and choose to search by product number. When the website displays the 1099-MISC forms for past years, click on the form for the year 2012.

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A 1099-MISC form reports the total amount of payments you paid to a single person or entity during the year that person or entity performs a service for you, explains Turbo Tax. The payments cover a wide range, from rent, prizes and awards, royalties, and substitute payments in lieu of dividends. These forms commonly report the earnings of someone who works as an independent contractor or on a freelance basis.

Those who work as independent contractors for a long period of time find themselves classified as self-employed by the IRS, and those taxpayers must report 1099-MISC income on Schedule C of their income tax return, according to Turbo Tax. If an independent worker works only sporadically as an independent contractor, he can include just the payments listed on a 1099-MISC as Other Income on the first page of his tax return.

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