How Do You Find a 20 Percent Discount Coupon for Wal-Mart?


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There are a variety of websites that offer coupons and promotions for retailers such as Wal-Mart, including Retail Me Not and the Coupon Follow website. In order to locate a 20 percent off coupon for Wal-Mart, the individual must sign up at and search these types of sites.

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How Do You Find a 20 Percent Discount Coupon for Wal-Mart?
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Some websites, like Retail Me Not, offer a mobile app so individuals can gain access to 20 percent off Wal-Mart coupons as soon as they become available. The steps below show how to use the Retail Me Not website to find Wal-Mart coupons.

  1. Visit Retail Me Not
  2. Visit the Retail Me Not website and browse the top deals on the main page, or sign up or search for Wal-Mart coupons.

  3. Search for Wal-Mart coupons
  4. In the search bar, enter "Wal-Mart" and click "Search" to be taken to the available coupons.

  5. Search the coupons
  6. Browse through the available deals for Wal-Mart or filter the results for a more specific search. In the "Coupon Type" section select either sales or printables to filter the results. Under "Discount Types" select "% Off" to display the percentage off offers available.

  7. Get the coupon
  8. Get the coupon from the site either by receiving a coupon code, a link to a printable coupon, a digital coupon sent to a mobile device or by visiting Wal-Mart if it is a sales offer that requires no coupon.

  9. Sign up
  10. Sign up on the site by clicking the "My Account" link and selecting "Join for Free" to receive special deals sent to your e-mail address or phone.

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