What Is a 1947 Nickel Worth?

1947-nickel-worth Credit: Luka/Cultura/Getty Images

Based on the 2014 prices listed by CoinStudy, an uncirculated 1947 Jefferson nickel from Philadelphia or San Francisco is worth $1.63, and one from Denver is worth $1.67. Coins in circulation are generally not collected by dealers.

The 2014 values listed by CoinTrackers are between 45 cents to $3.75 for coins minted in Philadelphia, between 35 cents to $3.75 for coins minted in Denver and from 45 cents to $3.85 for nickels minted in San Francisco. Each location minted a different amount of 1947 Jefferson nickels. Coins with worn edges, dulled engravings and a discolored patina are graded in a lower, less-valuable condition.