When Do 1099s Have to Be Mailed?

The 1099 form, which is issued to any person that a business issues more than $600 in income payments to within a year, must be postmarked and mailed by January 31 of the following year. The standard form is known as the 1099-MISC, and it is printed in triplicate by the IRS. This means that it must be ordered from the IRS or picked up at an approved outlet.

After mailing the1099 form to vendors who performed work, a business owner must also send the transmittal form 1096 to the IRS on or before a postmark date of February 28. That deadline is extended for tax professionals filing on the behalf of a business, as long as proper procedures are followed. Some states also require a 1099-MISC form filing in addition to sending it to the IRS.