How Do You Get Free 1099 Forms?

1099 forms can be obtained for free through the website of the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS provides a number of tax forms and related publications that are free to download from

The 1099 form is used to report miscellaneous income that has been earned by an individual throughout the fiscal year. The IRS requires a 1099 to be completed and included as part of a tax return being filed by those who have earned more than $10 of income through royalty payments or brokerage fees. The 1099 form is also used to report income earned through fishing, insurance for crop proceeds or payments for medical and healthcare services and by those who have been the recipient of a prize or cash award.

Filing the 1099 form is also required for individuals who have earned over $5,000 through direct sales of consumer products that are intended for resale anywhere but a permanent retail establishment. Completion of this form is also required for anyone withholding federal income tax that is covered by the backup withholding rules, regardless of the payment amount. The IRS provides 1099 forms in PDF format as well as educational publications and instructions for how to correctly prepare tax returns.