What Is the 10 Year Performance of the Dow Jones?


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Yahoo! Finance's historical data shows that the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose from $10,481.60 on August 1, 2005 to $18,053.58 on July 14, 2015. According to Dow Jones, the annualized total return for the 10 year period ending June 2015 was 8.32 percent.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average, or DJIA, is a price weighted average of 30 publicly traded U.S. companies. Dow Jones states the average's objective as representing large and well-known U.S. companies outside the transportation and utility industries. Oil and gas companies are not considered utilities, and General Electric, a mainstay of the average, is considered industrial company. As of July 2015, Yahoo! Finance reports that some of the companies included in the average are the Goldman Sachs Group, Home Depot, Disney and Coca-Cola.

The DJIA Learning Center says that the DJIA was first calculated in May 1896 by Charles Dow. Of the original companies included in the average, only General Electric is still part of the average. Dow Jones says that it infrequently changes the companies included in the average. The most recent company removed from the average was AT&T in March 2015. AT&T was replaced in the average by Apple. Goldman Sachs, Visa and Nike were added to the average in September 2013, replacing Hewlett-Packard, Alcoa and Bank of America.

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