What Are the 10 Best U.S. Life Insurance Companies, and Which Has the Highest Commission?


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The leading life insurance companies in the United States include Metlife, AARP, American General, Prudential and The Hartford, states ConsumerAffairs. The list of top ten also includes AIG, JC Penney, John Hancock, Bankers Life and Mutual of Omaha. Top commission payers are Allstate and State Farm, states The Law Dictionary.

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Top ten life insurance companies are rated based on stability, explains ConsumerAffairs. Policy holders depend on a company’s stability to be assured that the company can survive to fulfill the contract. Clients use factors such as rating history, current ratings and financial statements to determine a company’s stability. Top companies also have a wide variety of products from which consumers can choose. Flexibility of products allowing consumers to upgrade or downgrade plays a key role during grading. Additional services such as mutual bonds, long-term care insurance, annuity and business insurance give a company an extra edge over others.

Management of a company is also used during ranking, and factors such as customer services are used to highlight well-managed companies, states ConsumerAffairs. Availability of local offices, live chats, 24 hour-phone lines and email support ensure seamless communication with clients throughout the year. A company’s Web presence in areas such as online policy management, insurance calculators and learning centers are some of the tools that make clients appreciate a company’s level of ranking.

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