What Are 10 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel?

10-jobs-people-love-travel Credit: John/CC-BY-2.0

People who love to travel may enjoy careers as flight attendants, cruise directors, pilots, civil servants, international aid workers, archaeologists, oceanographers, consultants, recruiters and traveling nurses. Consultants work in a variety of industries and help clients evaluate and execute plans to improve business, and those with large client bases may travel nationally or internationally to share their specialized knowledge.

Flight attendants and cruise directors typically work in luxury, corporate or commercial transportation, but pilots also have opportunities in the military field. Pilots often have degrees in addition to flight certifications, while flight attendants and cruise workers need interpersonal skills to succeed in customer service.

Individuals interested in travel coupled with sociopolitical fields may enjoy civil service jobs or international aid work. Civil servants typically work in government embassies and diplomatic settings around the world. Relief organizations send aid workers to countries in need, where they help families recover from natural disasters and food shortages and also help improve general living conditions. People who prefer to work nationally may prefer careers as traveling nurses, allowing them to visit different states temporarily to combat nursing shortages.

Some science-based careers require travel to remote areas, especially when they involve studying animal habitats or cultural evolution. For example, oceanographers may spend months conducting research at sea. Archaeology fields take workers to different countries, allowing them to gather data on international cultures and search for ancient artifacts.