What 10 Careers Are in the Highest Demand?


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According to Fortune.com, the top five in-demand careers of 2015 are registered nurses, truck drivers, customer service representatives, sales managers and sales representatives. The next five are front-line supervisors or managers, software quality service engineers and testers, general and operations managers, other managers, and finally accountants and auditors.

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For the last several years, as of 2015, medical and technological jobs are in high demand, especially nurses. Some outlier jobs, such as truck drivers and managers, have risen in the rankings as the economy shifted over the years. Nurses have been in demand and landing in the top 10 list for many years.

However, the job demand is more complex than it first appears. Job demand varies widely by region, with far more demand for nurses occurring in the Southern United States than in the Western or North Atlantic regions; in addition, the demand is higher for nurses with bachelor's degrees. Job demand is predicted to slow down in the coming years, at least until currently employed nurses begin to reach the age for retirement and their jobs open up. Legislation underway as of 2014 also limits the number of patients one nurse is allowed to attend at once, resulting in conditions where certain hospitals need to hire more nurses.

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