How Do You Get a Zipper Unstuck?

To unstick a zipper, use a pair of tweezers to remove any foreign material stuck in the tracks. Use a lead pencil or ball of oily cotton to lubricate the teeth and smooth out the movement of the zipper. This process takes 10 minutes.

  1. Pull debris out of the teeth of the zipper

    Examine the teeth of the zipper for tiny pieces of cotton, paper or other material that might be gumming up its movement. Grab the debris with a pair of tweezers, and gently pull it free. Use the tweezers to remove any leftover parts of the debris, and then test the movement of the zipper while checking for more obstructions.

  2. Smooth the teeth of the zipper

    If the zipper still feels jammed, rub the point of a lead pencil along both sides of the zipper's teeth. Move the pencil up and down until the surface of each side is flat and uniform.

  3. Lubricate the teeth

    Dab a cotton ball in olive oil, and rub the oil along both sides of the zipper's teeth. Gently run the zipper up and down the teeth. While moving the zipper, jiggle it to force the oil into the workings of the teeth.