How Do You Do the Zebra Design on Your Nails Without a Thin Brush?


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To create zebra stripe nails at home, you need a base color, black nail polish and a top coat. A toothpick or a thin brush is also required for the fine details on the stripes.

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  1. Trim the nails

    Before applying any polish, trim and shape the nails.

  2. Apply the base coat

    Any color can be used for the base coat. White and black is a classic zebra combination, but try using bright colors for a vibrant nail design. Make sure to let the base coat fully dry before proceeding.

  3. Apply the stripes

    The zebra stripes are often applied with a thin brush, but toothpicks are just as effective. Before drawing the stripes on the nails, use a piece of scrap paper to practice the perfect angle and width. After practicing, start drawing the stripes onto the nails. Make evenly angled strokes that go in the same direction. Add as many stripes as you want. Allow the stripes to dry completely.

  4. Apply the top coat

    Do not apply the top coat before the stripes are dry, as it could cause them to bleed or smudge. When they are entirely dry, apply a clear top coat. This helps to prolong the life of the zebra pattern and give the nails a shiny finished look.

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