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Yorkie shampoo is shampoo that is specifically formulated for the Yorkshire terrier breed of dogs. Because Yorkshire terriers have sensitive skin, other types of shampoo are not suitable for them.

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Several companies manufacture shampoo specifically balanced for Yorkie terriers. Yorkie shampoo is also suitable for grooming the Yorkie coat. Proper grooming of dogs, especially those that tend to have long coats like Yorkies, is essential to their well-being. Long coats also have tendency to become matted if not cleaned and cared for properly.

Shampooing Yorkies too often, however, can also cause their skin to dry out and their coats to become brittle. It is recommended that Yorkshire terriers be bathed once every three weeks and wiped down on a daily basis.

In addition to using the proper shampoo, groomers also recommend that Yorkshire terriers be combed at least once per day using a metal comb for a shiny, healthy coat that grows easily. Brushes should be able to reach all the way through the Yorkie's coat. Although it is created specifically for Yorkshire terriers, Yorkie shampoo is also safe to use on other breeds of dogs, particularly those with sensitive skin and fur coats that are prone to tangles or matting.

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