How Do You Write a Reflective Statement?


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When writing a reflective statement, discuss what the experienced involved, analyze the outcomes, describe what was gained from the experience and plan future goals based on what happened. It's important to detail not only the facts of the experience but also the writer's emotions relating to it.

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The following steps describe how to write a strong reflective statement.

  1. Discuss what happened
  2. Talk about who and what the experience involved. Explain in detail the events that occurred during the experience.

  3. Discuss the outcomes
  4. List the factors that resulted in the outcome of the experience. Discuss any difficulties encountered and how they had an impact. Bring up any insights that changed the perception of the experience.

  5. Discuss what was gained
  6. Describe what lessons were learned and what could be done differently if given another opportunity to have the experience.

  7. Conclude with future goals
  8. In light of what was gained, discuss how that information will have an impact on future plans. Learn more about Shirts

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