What Wrist Do Men Wear Watches On?

A right-handed man typically wears his watch on his left wrist and a left-handed man typically wears his watch on his right wrist. However, the wrist on which a man wears his watch is based on his personal preference, and there are no set guidelines to wearing a watch on a particular wrist.

Most right-handed men traditionally wear watches on their left wrist, as the watch is easier to wind. However, as watches are a versatile product, not all are made the same. Depending on the style of watch, winding may not even be necessary and the chosen wrist is deemed irrelevant. For left-handed men who prefer winding the traditional watch and following the opposite-hand method, there are watchmakers who place the winder or crown of the watch at the 9:00 side instead of the traditional 3:00 side.