How Do You Wrap a Turban?


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To tie a turban using a lightweight scarf, first fold the scarf in half lengthwise, and then center the material at the base of your skull with the fold on the bottom. Bring the ends of the scarf to the top of your forehead, and cross the ends, one end over the other, at the center of your forehead. Wrap the scarf around the head, back to the base of the skull and tie a knot.

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After tying the knot, take the loose ends and tuck them under the knot, or if the scarf is long, tuck the loose ends under the folds in the front part of the scarf. If there is any excess material on the top of the turban, tuck the excess under the folds in the front. This type of turban is typically worn as a fashion accessory.

Alternatively, fold a lightweight square scarf into a triangle. Center the longest side of the triangle at the base of your skull, and place the rest of the material over your head, letting the fabric momentarily hang in your face. Tie the same way as the directions stated above, then take the excess material in the front and tie it under the fabric at the crown of the head.

For a half turban, take the lightweight scarf, and continue to fold it lengthwise until the material is approximately 1 to 2 inches in width. Center the scarf at the base of the skull, bring the ends to the crown of the head and tie a knot. Wrap the ends back around to the base of the skull, tie a second knot, and tuck the excess material under the knot.

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