How Do You Wrap a Toga?

To tie a toga, fold a piece of fabric for length, and wrap it around your body. Pull one end over your shoulder, adjust the height of the toga, tie a double knot and adjust the folds. Add a rope belt to style the folds.

  1. Prepare the fabric

    Shake out the fabric, and ensure it is long enough to cover your body.

  2. Determine the length

    Fold the sheet over from the top. Check it against your body to determine the length, adjusting as necessary.

  3. Wrap your body

    Hold the fabric out with your arms extended and the fabric around your back. Pull the right side longer than the other. Wrap the shorter side around your front.

  4. Pull up the shoulder section

    Still working with the short end, draw it around the back. Reach over your left shoulder, and pull the end of the sheet over.

  5. Adjust the fit

    Check the height of the toga on your chest and back, adjusting if necessary. Pull the fabric snugly around your body.

  6. Tie the shoulder section

    With the toga properly fitted, draw the long section to the front and up the shoulder. Tie a large double knot to secure the toga.

  7. Style the toga

    Tuck the ends of the knot under. Adjust the excess fabric so that it falls into folds in the front and back. Tie a rope around your waist to secure the folds in place.