How Do You Wrap a Piggyback Perm?

Wrap a piggyback perm by sectioning off the top portion of the hair from the sides, pinning the sides down and then applying the wraps, rolling the rods and securing them. Wrap the top section first, then wrap the sides and bottom.

  1. Gather your materials

    To wrap a piggy perm, gather the wraps, a rat-tail comb, hair clips and perm rods.

  2. Section hair off

    Use the tail end of a comb to section off the hair, leaving a Mohawk on top. Pin the sides down with hair clips.

  3. Wrap and roll the top section

    Comb a small amount of hair on the top section, and apply the end wraps. Grab a perm rod, and place it against the hair to determine whether it is the correct width until you find the right size rod. Roll the perm rod down to the scalp and secure. Repeat for the entire top section.

  4. Wrap and roll the sides

    Comb a section on one of the sides, apply the end wrap and perm rod in vertical direction. Repeat until one side is complete, and move to the other side.

  5. Wrap and roll the bottom

    Wrap and roll the bottom section of the hair the same way as the top or horizontally across the bottom.