What Would Someone Look Like With a Different Hairstyle?


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There are numerous mobile phone applications and websites that allow users to upload photos of themselves to see how they would look with other hairstyles. Many of these programs offer special features such as the ability to transpose celebrities' signature hairstyles onto the user's photo.

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Oftentimes people can find the hairstyle that suits them best by first determining how their face is shaped. People's faces can come in many different shapes and sizes, like round, square, long, oval, triangle and heart shapes. Certain face shapes work well with specific hairstyles.

Round faces work well with longer hair that is straight or slightly wavy; people with round faces should avoid hairstyles that add width to the face. Longer faces, by contrast, work well with hairstyles that do widen the face, like bobs and wavy or curly hair. People that have square faces look good with softer hairstyles that balance with the sharper features of the face, including softer curls, bangs and styles with lots of volume. Oval faces can work well with most hairstyles. Heart-shaped faces tend to look good with longer hairstyles, since shorter cuts accentuate the narrowness of the bottom half of the face.

There are many hairstyles, however, so hair experts always advise that people experiment and have fun finding the hairstyle that works the best for them.

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