How Do You Get It Works Body Wraps?

How Do You Get It Works Body Wraps?

Get the It Works! body wraps by purchasing it via its website or through an official distributor. Other options are to sign up for a 3-month auto ship commitment or to become an It Works Distributor. These latter two ways allow It Works! body wrap users to avail of the product at a discount, with distributors standing to earn money from their sales as well.

The IT Works! body wrap is a type of elastic strip that is wrapped around certain areas on the body. It is supposedly infused with key ingredients that help firm, detox and slim flabby areas on the body, as claimed on the product's official website. However, such claims are not supported by solid scientific evidence and any slimming effect it delivers will be temporary, according to

The following shows how to obtain an It Works! body wraps at full retail directly from its official website.

  1. Go to the It Works! official website.
  2. Direct your browser to the My It Works website.

  3. Go to the SHOP page
  4. Navigate to the Shop page by clicking on the Shop option at the top of the page right below the homepage banner.

  5. Select and purchase the wrap
  6. Click on "Body" on the left hand menu panel and then click on the body wrap by clicking on it on the following page. Proceed to checkout to complete the purchase.