Why Do Women Wear Salwar Kameez?


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A salwar kameez is a popular garment in India, worn for comfort and functionality. Worn by both men and women, the garment is loose to help individuals stay cool in the region's hot climate.

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A salwar kameez, or Punjabi suit, is a more casual option to some traditional Indian garments. It is made of a basic pair of free-flowing pants with a long shirt that falls over the waistline. The salwar kameez worn by women often come with a detachable piece of fabric that can be draped over the shoulders and converted into a hood when entering a temple. Salwar kameez suits have always been an option for Indian women, but they are more popular among the younger generations and when the weather is particularly hot because they are more free flowing than saris.

As with garments across the world, designers have had an impact on the salwar kameez. Modern designs include elements such as transparent fabrics in some areas and necklines that are considered more daring than traditional cuts. Designs for the salwar kameez range from simple cuts for casual wear to embroidered patterns for dressier needs. Some women substitute traditional components of the suit for elements such as scarves or leggings.

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