Why Do Women Wear Pantyhose?

According to Pantyhose-pantyhose.com, the main reason that women wear pantyhose is to cover up blemishes and varicose veins on their legs. The pantyhose give their legs a smooth appearance. Some pantyhose also offer a control top that gives a slimming effect to the waist, thighs and legs.

Pantyhose-pantyhose.com also suggests that there are medical benefits to wearing pantyhose for some women. The site points out that many companies sell pantyhose for medical purposes. The idea is that the compression of the pantyhose stimulates circulation in a woman's legs. However, the benefits of this type of compression are only helpful if the woman spends a lot of time on her feet or has a condition such as diabetes. In such a case, the hose keep blood from pooling in her feet and legs.

Since the 2000s, pantyhose have fallen out of style. Women opt more for a bare-legged look. However, according to Instructables.com, there are many other uses for pantyhose. For example, by placing a piece of pantyhose over the end of a vacuum with a rubber band around it, the pantyhose-covered vacuum makes it easy to find small objects that are lost on the floor, such as earrings and screws. Pantyhose are also very good for removing dust from candles.