What Do Women Wear to a Business Dinner?

women-wear-business-dinner Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Business casual attire is the acceptable standard for professional social events such as business dinners. Forbes suggests wearing trousers, knee-length or longer skirts, blouses, collared shirts and simple jewelry for business casual dinners.

Career Services at Virginia Tech recommends navy, black, brown and gray as acceptable clothing colors for women, and advocates cotton, silk, blends and matte fabrics without shine. Knit sweaters and sweater sets are acceptable tops as well as blouses and collared shirts. Dresses and skirts are also permissible. The Virginia Tech Career Services Center warns that skirts should fully cover the thighs when sitting and dresses should not show cleavage. Professional makeup is not colorful or flashy, but uses natural or neutral colors. Jewelry is optional, but should be simple and understated. Virginia Tech Career Services advises against extremes of style and color.

Business casual attire should be appropriate for a chance meeting with a CEO or other other high ranking executive. Clothing for business dinners must be clean, pressed and free of rips or stray threads. Excessively baggy or tight clothing is not appropriate for professional events. Jeans, tees, athletic wear are innapropriate as well as clothing with logos. Business casual attires should keep distractions to a minimum and allow conversation to flow.