Why Do Women Like Very Short Hairstyles?


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Women like very short hairstyles for a variety of reasons, including convenience, achieving a "younger" look or having more options when it comes to accessorizing. Many women also find that short hair complements their facial features, while others would rather keep their hair short than have to spend a lot of time putting long hair up into buns and braids.

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Short hair is much easier to maintain than long hair, since it's less prone to knots and tangles, and for some women, this is a major factor in deciding to go with a very short hairstyle. A short haircut, whether it's a pixie or bob, takes less shampoo to wash, dries quicker and is often styled quickly. Women who don't have much time in their routine to dry, brush and style longer hair often pick short haircuts because it's easier to get ready and move on with the rest of the day.

Short haircuts can also give women a lot of flexibility when it comes to accessorizing: women with short hair can wear earrings that are much more visible than they would be with long hair, or add a stylish bow or clip that would be hidden by long hair.

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