What Wigs Does Vanessa Fifth Avenue Produce?

What Wigs Does Vanessa Fifth Avenue Produce?

Vanessa Fifth Avenue wig brands include Vixen, Nabi Lux and Vantage Express Wig, as of 2015. Other Vanessa brands include Romance Gray, Vesa Premium Blend, Express Top Lace and Express Weave.

Vixen wigs use 100 percent fine human hair. The wigs are soft to the touch, feature world-renown styling, and are offered in a number of styles and colors. Vixen styles include the Agnes, Bana, Cameron and Celeb.

Vantage Express Wigs and Weaves are made from synthetic fibers and offer body, volume and style. Wig styles include the Alda, Apple, Bama and Danica. Weave styles include the Akira, Ana, Cabby and Cloie.

Vanessa's Nabi wigs come in four different styles and are made of real human hair. Styles in the line include the Lux, Legend, Lady and Tex. The Romance Grey synthetic wig collection feaures a large variety of short and long hairstyles, including the Amerie, Corona, Foster and Gaby.

Vesa Premium Blend wigs are made from real human hair and are offered in multiple colors, including black, off-black and grey. Express Top Lace wig tops come in a variety of hair colors and styles. Colors include red, toffee, turbo and topaz. Styles include the Alby, Bambas, Belin and Caliente.