How Do You Widen a Shoe?


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Widen or stretch shoes by wearing the shoes around while at home, stuffing the shoes with socks rolled into a ball, freezing the shoes with a bag of water placed inside and using a ready-made shoe stretcher. A professional cobbler can also help widen or stretch tight-fitting shoes.

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Most common ways to widen shoes involve stuffing the shoes with wet scrunched newspaper or socks rolled into a ball. This forces the shoes to widen at the toe cap. Fill two watertight plastic bags halfway with water and place them in the shoes, then place the shoes in the freezer. As the water freezes, it expands and gently widens the shoes.

For leather shoes, wear thick socks and squeeze your feet into the tight-fitting shoes. Use a hair dryer to heat the tight areas for a few seconds. This stretches the shoes.

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