How Do You Do Wide Nail Tips?

To maintain the width of your nail, file your nails to either a square or a squoval nail shape with a medium-grade nail file. By using shorter lengths with sharper corners, you can make the finger and the nail appear wider.

  1. Inspect the file

    In order to trim the nails, you will need a file in good condition. A 150 grit medium-grade file should have a slight texture, which allows you to shorten the nail slowly.

  2. Shape the free edge

    For a perfectly square cut, run the file in a straight line against the free edge of the nail. For a slightly rounded squoval shape, angle the tips of the nails then use the file on the underside of the nail.

  3. File the sides

    The sides of each nail need to be perfectly straight. Use the file to gently remove any bumps on the nail. Keep the file straight and aligned with the nail to create a less rounded appearance.

  4. Add nail polish or other accessories

    Once the nails are filed, wipe them to remove any dust left over from the file. Then, paint the nails with any color polish. Accessories, such as rhinestones, can also be added to create a unique design.