How Do You Whiten Your Eyes?


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To get whiter eyes, get plenty of sleep, wear eye protection when performing tasks that involve dust or chemical fumes, and use eye drops to temporarily remove redness. Like teeth, variation exists among individuals in the natural color, or level of whiteness, of the eye.

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How Do You Whiten Your Eyes?
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Resist scratching the eyes to avoid redness. If allergies make the eyes itch, an antihistamine eye drop can be prescribed by a doctor.

If the cornea is bloodshot due to aging, the only solution is to use whitening eye drops, which work by temporarily constricting the capillaries in the sclera.

If the eyes are dry and irritated, artificial tears can replace moisture, but they don't directly remove redness.

Contact lenses may cause redness if they are dirty, damaged or have been worn too long. Contact lens solutions may also cause irritation. Switching brands may improve symptoms.

Redness caused by eye infections should be treated by a doctor.

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