How Do You Get White Hair?


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There are temporary and permanent methods to get white hair. Certain methods may be more effective depending on the hair's natural color and its condition.

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According to Fox News Magazine, one of the best ways to achieve white hair is through a steady bleaching process. Be careful to not use too strong of a peroxide as it may break down the hair. Applying a white toner to bleached hair continues to strip the hair's color over time until it holds a silvery white shade. Permanent hair dye is an option that slowly lightens hair color until it is blonde. Follow this with white hair dye or a toner to achieve the ideal hair color. If the hair is brittle, avoid applying hair bleach or dye to minimize breakage.

A non-permanent method to achieve white hair for a few days is to apply white hair chalk to sections of the hair. Another option is to buy temporary spray-on hair color to add white highlights to the hair. Weaving white hair extensions into the hair may be another alternative to achieve white hair quickly. If coloring is not an option, wearing a white wig or getting a weave installed with real or synthetic white hair also works.

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