What Is a Westclox Scotty?


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A Westclox Scotty is a type of pocket watch manufactured by the Westclox clock company. The watch went through four different styles, the first of which started being sold in 1945 directly after World War II, and the fourth style ended production in 1990.

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The Westclox clock company was best known for their production of clocks and alarm clocks since 1885. However, the company also manufactured other types of timekeeping devices such as the Scotty minute pocket watch. During World War II, Westclox wanted to provide portable clocks and alarm clocks to soldiers who were out in the field. Because their portable clocks were so popular during the war, the company decided to continue making small clocks, which is how the Westclox Scotty pocket watch started.

There were four styles of Westclox Scotty. The first was sold only in 1945 and simply displayed "Westclox" on the dial. The second style was sold later in 1945 all the way up until 1959. This model displayed both "Westclox" and "Scotty" on the dial, and it featured a short rectangular pendant and a curved-top bow. The third style was sold from 1959 to 1973, and the final style was sold from 1973 until the company closed production in 1990. Westclox Scotty pocket watches still circulate today in antique collection communities.

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