What Were Some Popular Clothing Styles in the 1950s?

Fashion was redesigned in the 1950s, especially in the waistline. Clothes were made to show off a woman's midsection. The business suit was popular for men, especially dark brown, navy or charcoal.

This decade was the first to separate the clothing styles between the adults, and the younger men and women. Christian Dior is credited for changing the fashion style for women in the 1950s. Well-defined waists and bright colors were a big change in fashion. The "hourglass" shape became popular in the 50s. For a while, poodle skirts were popular; however that fashion style didn't stay around for too long. Women often wore pencil skirts with loose blouses. Stiletto heels and saddle shoes were introduced during this era.

For the businessman, the suit was very popular. The suits were typically in dark colors such as brown, blue and charcoal. Paired with the business suit, skinnier ties were worn. Cardigan sweaters were a hit during this time as well. For the more relaxed look, Hawaiian shirts were considered stylish. In the first half of the 50s decade, jeans were not worn very often by men; however, that changed in later years. For the younger generation of men, cardigan sweaters were very stylish.