What Were Some Popular 80s Fashions and Hairstyles?


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Fashion and hairstyles that were popular in the 1980s are fanny packs, male ponytails as made popular by the likes of Steven Seagal and Eric Roberts, scrunchie-secured high ponytails on women, slogan T-shirts, Jordache jeans, four-finger rings, velour tracksuits, smiley face clothing and accessories, Reebok shoes and Triple Fat Goose puffy leather jackets. Shoulder pads were also popular in the 1980s because they emphasized a dramatic silhouette from broad shoulders to narrow waist, something that was also popular back then, according to Complex.

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Another hairstyle for men that was popular in the 1980s was the long, combed-back look embraced by Johnny Depp, Jordan Knight, Corey Haim and Matthew Broderick. This hairstyle was shorter at the sides and longer on top. It was tousled gently and brushed away from the face to appear stylish, but not too perfect, reports Complex.

A major fashion statement of the 1980s was ski prep. This style saw men and women in chunky, oversized sweaters, bright ski suits and neon sweatshirts. Ski goggles were also a popular accessory.

More popular 1980s fashion and hairstyles include Gucci sweatshirts, skinhead hairstyle, airbrush t-shirts, ripped jeans, acid wash clothing, rat tails, side ponytails, leggings, Miami Vice-inspired outfits, puffy shirts and L.A. Gear tennis shoes.

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