What Were the Hallmarks of Grunge Fashion?


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Some hallmarks of grunge fashion are plaid and flannel shirts, loose-fitting tops, ripped jeans, and thrift-store clothing. Popular in the 1990s, grunge was inspired by the personal style of rock musicians such as Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Other popular grunge bands were Mudhoney, L7, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Hole and Soundgarden.

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The aggressive, counterculture sound and lyrics of grunge music are reflected in its fashion. Grunge clothing is all about comfort, defiance and an unkempt look that may be interpreted as a backlash against mainstream society.

Outdoor wear, such as plaid, flannel and boots, are a staple of grunge fashion for both men and women. Grunge style often includes layering vintage coats, cardigans and baggy sweaters. Long johns or thermal underwear can be worn under shorts, ripped jeans or T-shirts. Wearing a T-shirt featuring the logo of a favorite band is part of the grunge "uniform." Incorporating work gear--such as a work shirt with a name tag or work boots--is also part of the look.

Grunge style is often unisex, though there are specific looks for women, including baby-doll dresses, stockings and tights. Combining dissimilar textures, such as lace and flannel or plaid and floral, is also a hallmark of grunge, especially for women's clothing.

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