Were There Any Fashion Trends in 2001?

Fashion in 2001 started off as a continuation of the trend toward slightly futuristic "Y2K" clothing that began with the turn of the millennium. Fashion included many metallic fabrics, and the iPod became ubiquitous as an accessory. However, fashion took an abrupt turn after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, becoming more casual and conservative with the acceptance of jeans and other denim, even in business situations.

Before Sept. 11, fashion in 2001 had a high-tech feel with metallic fabrics, lots of black and military references like straps, buckles and grommets. The debut of the iPod in 2001 meant that the coolest accessory was no longer a handbag or scarf, but a pair of white earbuds protruding from one's ears. As a contrast, vintage fashion was also popular. After the terrorist attacks, however, the public gravitated to more casual and comfortable clothing, perhaps because it made them feel safe. Clothing that felt particularly "American" came in vogue, including patriotic red-white-and-blue colors as well as camouflage patterns. The greatest change in fashion toward the end of 2001 was the rise of jeans as acceptable wear for almost all occasions. Designer jeans returned to stores with sandblasted and distressed designs considered by many to be fashion-forward.