What Were Some Fashion Fads in 1976?

In 1976, a major trend in women's fashion was the Parisian peasant style, incorporating capes, turbans, rich fabrics, puffy sleeves and billowing skirts. Another major trend for women was the clean-cut sportswear look that incorporated tracksuits and jumpsuits. For men, dressing casually in fitted jeans or flannel paints paired with sweatshirts or T-shirts was the general trend. Pairing velvet tuxedo jackets with casual paints for formal events was a major trend in men's fashion during 1976.

In 1976, a major trend in women's formal wear was pinstriped pantsuits paired with bow-tied blouses to create a sharp, tailored look. Roy Halston Frowick's minimalistic draped gowns were also trending in women's formal wear.

The trending professional look for women was a cowl-neck sweater with a blazer and a slimmed-down skirt. Women's pants were typically cuffed to blouse at the ankle, mid-calf or knee to accommodate the various different boot lengths in fashion at the time. Ankle boots, cowboy boots, wedge boots and platform boots were especially popular during 1976.

During 1976, vests made a comeback for men, and men's pants began to feature smaller flares or no flares at all, as opposed to the prominent flares that were popular prior to 1976. The quasi-European suit that features padded shoulders, a smaller waist, open patch pockets and a slight flare to the pants and jacket were popular for men during the mid-1970s. All-denim outfits and leisure suits were also popular during this time.