What Are Some Websites About Tattoos and Body Piercing?

What Are Some Websites About Tattoos and Body Piercing?

There are many tattoo and body piercing businesses that offer readily available websites to educate consumers about tattoos and piercings and showcase examples. There are other sites that are more educationally based, such as the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The National Conference of State Legislatures features information about tattooing and body piercing. The website specifically hones in on the topic of tattooing and body piercing for minors, and where states allow it. The site delves into which states ban it altogether and other states that permit it with parental consent. Additionally, the site covers what the penalties are for violators of the laws set for tattooing and body piercing.

Many of the states also host their own websites with information on both of the topics, and the rules and regulations for both.

BME or Body Modification Ezine, calls itself the world’s largest online tattoo, piercing and body modification website. The site offers about three million photos of examples of tattoos, body piercings and body modifications. There is an additional graphic content section for those of legal age. Users can add photos to the database.

Crave Tattoo is a print magazine dedicated to the tattoo industry. It offers businesses the opportunity to advertise, and considers itself a trade publication, where tattoo and body piercing business owners can also submit articles.