How Do I Wear a Wrist Corsage?

A wrist corsage is traditionally worn on the left hand. It is a small bouquet of flowers attached to a stretchy wristband.

Corsages come in two types: wrist corsages and pin-on corsages. Traditionally, a corsage is given to a girl by her prom date or a date to another formal dance. The usual choice at an event of this type is a wrist corsage, as the dress may be strapless, or the girl may not wish to damage the fabric of her gown. The corsage typically matches the dress of the wearer. Most florists recommend that prom attendees come in together to choose a corsage, if possible.

There are other formal events in which a corsage is worn. For example, at a wedding, the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom normally wear corsages pinned to their dresses or jackets. They may be made to correspond to the theme colors of the wedding.

Boutonnieres are very similar to pin-on corsages, and they are usually worn by men, pinned to the lapel of their jackets. At a prom or formal dance, a boy's boutonniere will usually match his date's dress and corsage. At a wedding, boutonnieres come in the theme colors of the wedding.