How Do You Wear a White Jean Jacket?

While a white denim jacket can be worn similarly to traditional blue denim, renowned fashion bloggers and celebrity stylists have designed specific outfits. Quite often a white jean jacket pairs well with a flowery or graphic dress, faded jeans or pastel sweaters.

A classic look that comes up consistently is using a white jean jacket as a cover-up for a flowery summer dress. For instance, InStyle magazine details how actress Dianna Agron wears white denim over her delicate dress. The outfit is paired with flat boating shoes and a little black purse.

White denim is sometimes used as a foil for bright graphics. Wardrobe Looks puts a white jean jacket over a bright blue and green graphic dress, which makes the colors pop. The fashion blog also suggests using the jacket to make a little black dress more casual.

Stylist Shini Park of Park & Cube layers the jacket over a loose turtleneck sweater in pastel blue. She adds distressed denim, white Mary Jane flats and a white purse to complete the outfit.

White and khaki are a classic combination. The fashion blog YouLookFab puts white denim over a cream-colored top paired with khaki shorts. A khaki or camel dress also pairs well with this outfit.

When choosing a white outer layer, select a piece that has well-defined rivets and buttons to add contrast to the look.