How Do You Wear White Eyeliner?


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White eyeliner can be used to create eye-opening cat eyes, daring double lines and more. White eyeliner can be applied to create bigger, bolder eyes.

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To draw a cat eye with white eyeliner, start by tracing the upper lid with the pencil, from the inner corner of the eye to the edge of the lid. At the outer edge, draw a extended stroke that angles towards the eyebrow. Makeup beginners should try holding a piece of sturdy paper to the outer edge of the eye. Use the edge of the paper as a guide to make the perfect cat eye flick.

A dramatic way to wear white eyeliner is by doubling-up with a layer of black eyeliner. First, swipe a bit of black liner across the length of the eyelid. Then, draw a line of white right above it. This chic look makes eyes pop. To extend the look, use the white liner to draw along the lower lid's waterline. Then smudge a bit of black liner beneath the lower lashes.

White eyeliner is often used at the corners of the eyes to brighten their appearance. Line the rest of the eye in a traditional color like black or brown. Then, trace the corner of the eyes in white; this is a subtle way to adopt the white eyeliner trend.

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