How Do You Wear Wedge Sneakers?


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Wedge sneakers, which combine the style of a wedge heel with sneaker comfort, are worn in one of several ways. Wear the shoes with fitted pants, such as skinny jeans or leggings. A long hem or mini skirt also works well with this style.

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Matching wedge sneakers with layered clothing balances out the sturdiness of the sneaker. Young women look nice in short-shorts with wedge sneakers, too. Showing more skin equalizes the look.

Wear wedge sneakers with fitted print pants or tights. For effect, match the sneaker color with one of the colors in the print. Choose a top in a solid color to balance the look.

Black wedge sneakers are a good match for a brightly colored top or jeans. A top in hot pink or royal blue looks great with black wedge sneakers and skinny jeans.

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