How Do I Wear a Tank Top Under a Strapless Top and Make It Look Cute?

It may be difficult to make a tank top worn underneath a strapless top look attractive because both pieces hug tightly to the body. Selecting a tank top with very thin straps and pairing it with a looser-fitting strapless sundress may work. Experimenting with different tanks and tops could result in a winning combination.

There are multiple ways to wear a tank top alone or with other clothing. Instead of wearing a tank underneath a strapless top, The Chic Fashionista suggests layering a strapless bra underneath a loose-fitting tank with oversized arm holes. Because tank tops come in different colors, styles and lengths, they can be used as a base piece for casual and dressy looks. For instance, consider pairing two tank tops of different colors. A thick strap tank can be layered over a thin strap tank. The thicker strap is especially flattering for women with wide shoulders. Alternatively, the straps can be the same style.

For a dressier look, choose a classy blouse, jacket or sweater to wear over a solid color tank. For added chic appeal, tie a colorful, snazzy scarf around the neck. The tank should cover the bust area, and it should hide bra straps.