How Do You Wear Suspenders With Your Pants?

How Do You Wear Suspenders With Your Pants?

To wear suspenders, fasten the suspenders to the back of your pants, put the pants on, then fasten the suspenders to your pants in the front, and adjust as needed. Suspenders with clips may be worn with any trousers, except a formal tuxedo, while suspenders with buttonholes require pants that have buttons on either side of the waistband.

  1. Purchase the correct suspenders

    Suspenders that are 46-inches long fit men from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 1 inch tall. Most are adjustable and have at least some elastic. If your pants have buttons, use suspenders with buttonholes. If not, use suspenders with clips.

  2. Attach suspenders to the rear waistband of your pants

    The x- or y-shape goes in the rear. The single attachment of a y-shaped pair goes in the middle while the x-shaped set fastens an equal distance apart from the center of your waistband.

  3. Put on your pants, and attach suspenders to the front

    Put your pants on with the suspenders hanging down in the back. Pull each suspender over your shoulder, making sure the back x or y lies flat on your back. Attach the suspenders on either side of your waistband about halfway between your side and fly. Adjust for a comfortable fit.