How Do You Wear Suspenders?


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To wear suspenders, attach the clip to the back of the pants, then pull the pants on. Pull the straps of the suspenders over the shoulders and attach the clips to the front of the pants. Suspenders that fasten using buttons are worn in the same way, although those suspenders are buttoned directly to the button-flaps on the pants.

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Suspenders, also called braces, shouldn't show when being worn with a formal jacket, Style Sample Magazine advises. When a jacket isn't required for a semi-formal occasion, suspenders should be worn with black dress pants and a white cotton shirt. Suspenders also are worn with casual pants or jeans.

Suspenders were once considered to be part of a man's undergarments. They were worn under clothing to ensure that they remained out of sight. In the past, suspenders were joined together in the back to form the shape of an H or crossed to create an X, instead of the Y shape that is used today.

The first pair of suspenders, constructed of strips of ribbon that were attached through buttonholes in pants, was created in France during the 18th century. In the 1820s, a British clothing designer named Albert Thurston mass-produced suspenders made of leather loops that buttoned directly onto pants.

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