What Do You Wear in South Beach?


Although a bikini is fine for the actual beach, skirts and tanks for daytime wear and sexy dresses with flashy accessories and a bit of flair for the evening. Even though stilettos look great with everything, comfortable shoes are a better choice for power shopping or club hopping.

Classic clothing tastes that are designed to impress for a night. South Beach night clubs are famous for celebrity sightings, and doormen limit entry to those with the right look. Those who dress to impress are more likely to gain entry. Sophisticated evening wear that is tight, sexy and looks expensive is the best bet for female visitors. Travelers who take cues from the regulars and avoid looking touristy have the most success.

Male visitors should avoid shorts and casual shoes. Designer jeans and a dressy shirt are a good choice. Any clothing that is poor fitting, cheap looking or worn out is a definite no. Men who dress sharp and yet still exude cool have the right look for the top clubs.

Visitors looking for casual nightlife can find it in one of South Beach's many outdoor bars. No particular dress code is required for these laid back party spots. Flip flops and shorts are considered acceptable for guests dropping in after a day on the beach.