How Do You Wear a Skater Skirt?


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The best way to wear a skater skirt is to pair it with a tucked-in top and some simple accessories. Choose a form of footwear that best highlights your legs.

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How Do You Wear a Skater Skirt?
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  1. Make sure it fits

    The key to wearing this style of skirt is to make sure it fits correctly. It should sit at the waist to create a smooth line and should not be constricting.

  2. Find the skater skirt that works for you

    Find the color that best fits into the wardrobe you already have. Black is always classic, but colors make outfits pop.

  3. Make it work

    The point is to showcase the skirt not hide it. Tucking in your top creates a classic silhouette, while adding layers and accessories accentuates your personal style.

  4. Wear it out of the house

    All legs look great in this skirt, so the key is to wear it where people are sure to see you in it.

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