What Do You Wear to a Rave?

While there is no set dress code for raves, vibrant, alternative clothing is typical in the scene. The attire has evolved since the beginning of rave culture in the 1980s.

In the past, popular rave clothing was often utilitarian. The attire was thought of as a rejection of designer night club fashion. In the past, ravers wore baggy, comfortable clothing in which they could dance all night. Their colorful, visually interesting outfits and hippie-inspired garb is still popular today. Typical ravers accessorize with plastic-beaded jewelry, glow-sticks and other glow-in-the-dark pieces. Pacifiers are an "old-school" accessory thought to soothe the jaw-clenching associated with ecstasy, a popular drug at raves.

As of 2014, LA Weekly reports that current popular rave attire is more sexualized than in the past. The baggy pants of earlier rave culture have been replaced with booty shorts, tutus and bras covered with daisies.

Regardless of its evolving style, rave clothing continues to be an opportunity to swap out normal, everyday clothing with more fantastical garb. Traditionally, the rave scene is thought to have an accepting, "anything goes" atmosphere, so rave-goers often feel free to adopt the comfort of the older style or the salaciousness of the new style.