How Do You Wear Perm Rods?

How Do You Wear Perm Rods?

You can wear perm rods by dividing your hair into sections and rolling the end of each section with a perm rod. When all hair sections are rolled, cover your head with a scarf. Leave the rods in your hair overnight. The curls set by morning.

  1. Detangle and wash hair

    Detangle your hair before washing it. Follow up with a conditioner. Run a comb through your hair after it is washed, and detangle it again.

  2. Create sections

    Part you hair into sections using a comb. Gently squeeze out excess water from your hair. Comb each section of hair.

  3. Apply curl-enhancing product

    Apply a curl-enhancing product to your hair, such as a moisturizing cream, a twist-out cream or oil.

  4. Roll sections

    Unfasten a perm rod. Take one hair section and roll the end of the section with the perm rod.. Continue rolling right up to your scalp. Secure the perm rod. Roll each section till all sections are done.

  5. Cover perm rods

    Cover your head with a scarf. This ensures that the perm rods stay in place. Leave your perm rods in place overnight. This sets your curls without having to use heat.

  6. Remove rods

    Remove the perm rods the next morning by unrolling each section, one at a time. Style your hair to complete the curly look.