What Do You Wear to the Office Christmas Party?

wear-office-christmas-party Credit: mediaphotos/E+/Getty Images

Friederike Sperl recommends on Forbes that a less formal attire is appropriate when the Christmas party takes place at daytime. He suggests dresses and skirts in thick fabrics, such as wool, paired with a silk blouse and a blazer or cardigan. For evening events, a chic cocktail dress is great to wear.

Sperl notes that there is still a certain type of office dress code for holiday parties. First, clothes that are too revealing must be avoided. Furthermore, sheer blouses, deep cleavages and skirts or dresses that are too short are also to be avoided. Finally, Sperl warns that a person must avoid attire that is too casual, such as jeans, animal prints or sneakers. It is best to go for darker seasonal colors and dressy fabrics that make a person look classy. For women, a sure bet for an appropriate outfit is a lace dress that is not too tight.

CareerBuilder states that it is important to dress professionally. People must wear clothing according to the dress code, which is often determined by the venue. Women must refrain from wearing tight-fitting trousers and slinky dresses, while men must avoid wearing overly fitted shirts and unbuttoning more than two buttons on their shirts.