What Do You Wear on New Years Eve?

What Do You Wear on New Years Eve?

For New Year's Eve, choose an elegant outfit with silver accents. For women, wear a sequin silver or metallic dress with heels. For men, wear a black or dark-colored suit with a more formal tie.

New Year's Eve parties include formal, semi-formal, after-five, cocktail and casual events, so go bold with a sparkly outfit. For conservative parties, select a black tuxedo or full-length silver or metallic gown. For more formal occasions, choose clothing in luxurious fabrics, such as velvet or silk.

For more casual occasions, wear a silver party hat or "countdown clock" necklace. Find plastic eyeglasses with the year written on them or wear a feather boa. Wear something sequined or beaded with regular clothes.

For men's accessories, wear a silver tie clip or top hat. Select dressier ties like a burgundy silk or black satin. Wear lace-up oxfords or leather loafers in holiday colors, and wear a velvet or wool jacket over a button-up shirt. For cold weather, wear a long coat with a cashmere scarf and gloves.

For women's accessories, carry a rhinestone clutch or metallic leather purse. Wear glitter or high-gloss nail polish with a cocktail ring. Wear an elegant fascinator hat with sparkly earrings and dramatic makeup. For winter nights, wear a tailored overcoat or shawl.