How Do You Wear Long Skirts?

Balancing the length of the skirt and top and the design of both are important aspects of wearing a long skirt. Vary the style of the top to transition from day to night wear. Pick flat footwear for daytime comfort and dressy pumps or heeled closed shoes for evening wear.

Balance a pleated or frilled long skirt or one with a lot of flare with a top that fits close to the body and is cropped. For a column style or slim line skirt, wear jackets or tops that have a comfortably loose fit but can be cinched in with a belt. For a formal look, try a collared shirt tucked into the skirt. Wear minimally patterned tops that have the color of the skirt as their main color. Pleated skirts and skirts worn higher on the waist also contribute to a more formal look.

For a sophisticated evening look, team a long slim-line skirt with a dressy top that either has a deep neckline or is close fitting and backless. Accessorize with cocktail jewelry and glossy pumps. Avoid sheer long skirts and select an opaque fabric such as a lightweight silk or a chiffon skirt with an underlining. Heavier fabrics such as denim, linen and cotton are best for daytime use.