How Do You Wear a Kilt?


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A kilt is worn around the waist and fastened with a buckle, with the pleats, or ruffles, in the back. A kilt may also be adorned with a sporran, which is an ornament affixed to the front of it.

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Because of the kilt's cultural significance, it is also important to understand its attendant stylistic and cultural conventions. A kilt is not considered formal wear. In the United Kingdom and Scotland in particular, it is considered everyday wear, as an alternative to wearing pants or shorts, and may be worn with casual clothing, including a T-shirt and sandals. It is true that kilts are generally worn without underwear, and wearing underwear below a kilt is considered a lack of authenticity. However, out of respect or fear of certain kinds of danger, many people outside of the United Kingdom choose to wear some type of garment under their kilts.

There is a tradition of wearing eagle feathers in one's hat to accompany the kilt as a part of Highland dress; however, it should be noted that this tradition is reserved for those who have earned it, and to put feathers in one's hat while wearing a kilt as a way to imitate Highland attire is considered in bad taste.

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